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7.19.14 Will be back in Rhinebeck at the end of the month.
Please E-mail for contact and appointment.
Bookmark our new web domain @ SeventySeven.Co - has all of our latest video and virtual cover examples.

We are a very small business, catering to small local businesses. Rhinebeck Design offer much of what the brick and mortar or just very large internet houses offer, without the hype. We stress that you can't just leave it up to having a website, you need to promote it in social media circles daily. There are well respected companies that specialize in SEO, beyond what most web designers do, they stay on top of every trick Google and Bing make. Most small local business want local exposure, and by using social media like Facebook and Twitter and videos like the animated ads we are offering statistics say your business will increase visibility and sales.

Rhinebeck.Info ( now is still Rhinebeck Web Design, we offer a package web design which includes hosting and year-round site promotion at affordable yearly rates. Great value. We also build one time designs that we back up on thumb drive and upload your design to your hosting service, if down the road you need maintenance it's available at the current hourly maintenance rate. Note: our best deals are the all in one design-host-promote plans.

New custom whiteboard animations and character videos are here! During July we are featuring 3 flat rate custom animations that we host at Village of Rhinebeck dot com and . Client's animated video is promoted here at Rhinebeck Web Design year-round and you get the embedded code + actual digital file for your web site.

Our New Site SeventySeven.Co
Simply like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and get this $100 discount on any of our services. Not a bad deal no?
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Join us at Rhinebeck Web Design, we have been in business since 2001 and locally service Northern Dutchess, Kingston area and Southern Columbia county. If your outside that area we can design and build your site thru email conversations & phone and use of an offline web site to see progress and make changes to make your business site perfect![common]. Our clients receive a 1 year custom design that includes the hosting fees and site promotion throughout the year. If a client has minor changes to make, there are no additional charges during the year. offers a host of options that your business may find helpful. Our designs are responsive by default, so there is no need for separate web designs for mobile users or added expenses.

Our site promotion uses Twitter and Facebook to promote your business year round. This alone is worth the price of our basic design-host-promote package. Several times a week we will promote your business on social media and we encourage our clients to send us info to promote. SEO can be a very costly expense but you can build your business just as fast using social media like FB and Twitter often, we help on our end but advise our clients to promote daily as well.

Bottom line Rhinebeck web design is here year round for our clients although we spilt our physical time between Southeast Michigan and Rhinebeck NY. We strive to give our clients a quality service at a great yearly price.

Call us @ 845.698.0173 or E-mail us above left pop out box.
Starting a business? Need online presence? Rhinebeck Info has you covered with affordable designs that include your hosting and local site promotion. Our other services include web video, whiteboard animation, virtual covers and 360º displays. 845.698.0173
Request Appointment: Are you looking for a new site, email or call us and we will set up an appointment to visit your business or simply discuss what your looking for in your business web site and we can get your site up and running in a few days through e-mail and phone conversations until we meet. We work out of Birmingham MI and Rhinebeck NY.
Hey before you go - This is an awesome deal
Simply follow us on Facebook and Twitter and get this $100 discount on any of our services. Not a bad deal no? Good Only Thru July 2014
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