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2015 Clients in Michigan, NYC, Hudson Valley NY, Miami, Fl
Web Site Design - Rhinebeck - Ft. Lauderdale - Cohasset
Fort Lauderdale Web Design
Rhinebeck Web Design, now available in South Florida, #fortlauderdale #harborbeach . Affordable web design packages that include your hosting and basic maintenance, site promotion on Twitter and Facebook. Our year-round service is built on a responsive web design for smart phone, tablets, desktops and laptops. http://seventyseven.co
Pick the best apples in the #HudsonValley at Cedar Heights Orchards in #Rhinebeck, http://rhinebeckapples.com

5.04.16 Cohasset MA - Rhinebeck NY - Harbor Beach Fort Lauderdale FL

  • We are back again in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow. Visit our main page at SeventySeven.Co
  • Does Your Business Need A New Web Site? Try Out Our All In One - Design - Host Promote & Animate Plans Like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter .
    Starting a new business? Have an old outdated web site? Need a site that handles everything for you and also offers you some CMS for the times you want to add and remove text and images that won't cost you all year long? Rhinebeck Web Design | SeventySeven.Co offers plans that fit your needs, but as an example we are offering a 4 page design, responsive in nature so that customers who visit on tablets and smart phones will be presented with a professional design, that we can also make editable using CMS elements. We also include your hosting for the year, some services charge you monthly charges for this, we also include minor maintenance on your site, just in case you want us to make the changes for you. Additional besides default graphics for your web site we give you some custom graphics as well and introducing this year 1 animated ad free of charge for all of our clients. This 30 second ad can go a long way to get into social media circles and be remembered for a possible future customer. Oh did I mention we promote you all year long on our Facebook and Twitter feeds!

Cost for all this starting at $500yr.

We are available for consultation in these areas - Fort Lauderdale FL (appointment), Cohasset / Hingham / Scituate MA, and of course we make multiple trips back to Rhinebeck & The Hudson Valley during the year. Our services are available nationwide.

We are going to create a new summer web site once we return from South Florida in June.

What's Included In The Spring Special?

  1. A year-round service to help you get your business online, promote and offer latest trends. We carefully build four responsive web pages that include most all services that fits your business needs.
  2. Rhinebeck web design hosts and manages your domain and web site throughout the year.
  3. We promote your business on our Facebook and Twitter feeds several times a week,our pro service includes daily promotion.
  4. Custom animated ad such as a whiteboard video, explainer or character video is included with Pro Plan! You get to download and use the video for your web site, social media or whatever.
  5. Finally we are pretty confident we offer the best value for an all in one service with year round maintenance,support and promotion.

We offer an excellent all in one web design package with hosting,minor maintenance for those with limited content and small budgets.

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